Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Minecraft commands

Basic Minecraft commands:

clear - clears the console
damage - Disables or enables the injured player.
defuse [all] - "Activate" all TNT near
destroy [all] - Destroy the selected object
difficulty - Change difficulty level (0-3)
dropstore - Creates a crate near you, and then moves to her all things in your inventory.
duplicate [all] - Duplicates the selected object.
explode [SIZE] - Feel like a Creeper! (I advise you use this command away from your shelter.
Extinguish | ext [all] - extinguishes the fire.
falldamage - Disables or enables injured in fall
firedamage - Turns off or turns on when the smoke damage.
goto - Go to ...
grow [all] - grow all trees, and wheat all over the map.
heal - Heal player.
help [COMMAND] - Shows information about the command.
home - Teleport to spawn
item [NUMBER] - Gives player selected item, the selected number.
itemName - Shows Code and name of the currently selected object.
itemstack [QUANTITY] - Gives stack (64) of the selected object.
kill - See for yourself!
killnpc [all] - Kill all NPC.
listwaypoints - List of all waypoint
msg - Adds a message to the console
music [VOLUME] - Select a piece of music to play.
pos - Shows your current position player.
rem - Deletes the selected waypoint.
removedrops [all] - Remove all discarded objects.
repair [all] - Repair the selected item.
replenish [all] - "can stack" (number 64), all items in inventory.
return - You return to the previous position (before the teleportowałeś)
search - Searching for items.
Set - Creates a waypoint.
setjump [JUMP | reset] - jumping height.
setspawn [ ] - Sets spawn.
setspeed [SPEED | reset] - Change a player's movement speed.
spawn [QTY] - "spawns" mob
spawnstack - "spawns" choose a creature (type / spawn lists to see a list of mobs.
Tele - Teleport to the selected item. Same as / t
time [set | get | Day | Night [minute | hour | day [TIME]]] - Changes the time ... in Minecraft, of course
timeschedule > - Stops time for a given hour Minecraft (format: HH: MM)
useportal - teleport you to the Nether.
waterdamage - Enables or disables the damage caused by water