Saturday, November 17, 2012

How to mod minecraft

Mods are usually created by the gaming community.
Anyone who wants to spice up the game, the allowance may be installed.
If Minecraft list of modifications is very large.
Therefore, it is plenty to choose from, and certainly not bored quickly.

In further posts I will describe various modifications and what
Thanks to them we can change the game, but most important is
everyone to know how to mod Minecraft. Tips
which are described here apply to version 1.8.1 Minecraft.

Most fashion to Minecraft are installed to view the file contents
minecraft.jar file. Now I try to explain the
what it is:
Search the folder containing the files to Minecraft, (we are
as follows, click on "start" in the search box
type% appdata%, where we will end your search folder
(. Minecraft) I recommend also making a copy thereof)
- Enter the folder and look for Minecraft bin folder,
- Then looks for a file minecraft.jar
- Open it with WinRAR
- Move the contents of fashion to an open file minecraft.jar.
(you can drag or copy)
- If the file minecraft.jar appeared META-INF folder, delete it.
- Mod is installed and can run the game.

Not all the fashion, but we can install in this way.
However, in future posts if the mod will require another installation will write about it.
Have fun.