Thursday, March 29, 2012

Minecraft commands- single player

When you install this mod get access to the console, in other words, chat in single-player mode. It allows you to enter multiple commands that allow you to control the weather, time of day, summon monsters, enabling the fly and much more.

Here are examples of singleplayer commands that you might find useful:

achievement - You get the power to unlock any achievements
biome - Tells you what you are currently biomie
cannon [force] - Fires rebuffed TNT directed towards
clear - Clears the console / chat
damage - Disable / Enable in-game injury
explode [SIZE] - causes an explosion in the place where you stand
fly [SPEED] - Fly Mode Start with the selected
freeze - program you were watching all the mobs
grow - This mature out of all the trees and cereals
heal - Heals a certain amount of hit points
help [command] - Shows all the commands / explains the work entered in the command
home - Teleport to spawn location
infiniteitems - We get an infinite number of items held
instantkill - Starts the mode in which you kill any mob in one motion
instantmine - Starts the mode in which you dig in one motion
item [NUMBER] [DAMAGE] - Summons a specific item, its quantity and damage
itemdamage - Enables / Disables the destruction of the items
jump - jump in the place in which to look
keepitems - When you die you will have on your items
kill - You Die
longerlegs - Jump on one block up
mobdamage - Moby no damage
noclip - Enable / disable mode to walk through walls
platforms - Creates a glass platform under you
Rename - Allows you to change the name of the command to another arbitrary
Skin - Change your appearance to look the other player selected
spawnportal - Creates a portal near the player
tele - Teleport to the selected coordinates
time [day / night] - Changes the time for written [Day / Night]
weather [rain / sun] - Changes the weather (Rain / Sun)

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