Thursday, April 19, 2012

Minecraft id list (3D 1.6.5)

Players in this version continues to take on the miners harvesting large brick-like blocks,and then have the opportunity to build various structures from them. In this mainly in terms of the acquisition of materials and construction of these different things. To make it easier we can help in obtaining materials as before typing the command Minecraft 1.7.3 and later the corresponding id items(from id list). The game features 55 different types of blocks.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

All id item list and blocks version 1.7.3

All stuff you need with VERSION 1.7.3

For non-stricken: The number of items are useful for example in Multi Player Free Buildon servers where you can spawn the stuff you need, such as commands / item or / give.It is also possible to use these commands in single player, you should use fashion "Single Player Commands". Sometimes they are useful on servers with iConomymodem (or other equivalent charge of the economy) - where you can buy items and blocks.


Item with the ID number - Item or block that normally we can get in the game, playingfairly.

Item with the ID number and below with number - Item or block that normally we can getin the game, playing fairly. Is the type of ticket below:

NOTE: Since there who are not familiar, colored wool, dyes, trunks, etc., you have to give the ID: NUMBER

So, for example, to get black type Slag 35:15 (eg / item 35:15, / give 35:15 ...)
to get 17:2 birch type (eg / item 17:2, / give 17:2 ...) etc. ..

Item id number of red - Item or a block, which is not possible to obtain in the gamewithout using cheats, and Command Multi-Player.